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NVC Project in Dubai – DIFC BRIDGE



NVC Project in Dubai – DIFC BRIDGE



Facts and figures


- Project Type: Street Enhancement

- Date: January 2019

- Client: DIFC

- Architect: 10Design

- Specification:

  • · Exterior: IP66 surface mounted RGBW linear light(different lengths)
  • · Interior: IP66 surface mounted downlight with blade effect optic
  • · Lighting Controls: DMX Controls

Key objectives

- Meet the budgetary constraints

- Respect the original design

- Achieve the desired effect


Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is one of the world's most advanced financial centres and the leading financial hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA): an ecosystem of more than 22,000 professionals working across over 2,000 active registered companies - making up the largest and most diverse pool of industry talent in the region. Over the years, parts of the DIFC had fallen behind the neighbouring areas in terms of their aesthetic appeal. One such street, known as the Coffee Zone, had originally been designed as a public space in which people would want to linger and socialise, but over time it had ceased to fulfil this function. In collaboration with the architectural firm 10Design, a series of improvements to the area were proposed, including new lighting for the pavements and steps, for two pedestrian bridges crossing the street and for some of the shops and cafes too. The lighting design for the whole area was tightly specified to create an ambiance that was exciting and modern yet sufficiently relaxing for people to make more use of the space. The two pedestrian bridges however presented some intricate technical problems. Each bridge is enclosed in a series of "ribs” - slender aluminium structures that turn each bridge into a suspended tunnel. 10Design wanted to turn these into visual features when viewed from below or through them. The outside was relatively simple - NVC supplied 600 RGB linear profiles that are fitted to the outside of each rib. These are linked to DMX controllers and can be programmed to deliver a wide range of special effects, colours and moving images to suit the time of night or a particular event.






The architect’s design was created to generate a very specific effect, but the conditions on site made this very difficult for the contractor to achieve. Rather than propose something less ambitious, the contractor went looking for a manufacturer with the engineering skills to understand the problem and find a solution.



The NVC solution to the structural difficulties was to modify the design of the fittings to match the width of the ribs, keeping the installation very neat and delivering an optical performance in line with the expectation of the architect. A completed installation isn't the end of the story: from time to time DIFC likes to change the lighting effects on the bridges; for a special holiday, to welcome a new tenant to the area, or just to give the area a fresh look. New Vision Concept Lighting has a service agreement with DIFC to provide an on-demand service for re-programming the DMX controllers. Our relationship with the client doesn't stop when the last man leaves site.



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